Bynaric, a Dublin-based tech start-up, is proud to announce its significant role in the successful launch of the Land Development Agency’s (LDA) first CostRental Scheme. The LDA has utilised Bynaric’s technology to ensure fairness, transparency, and integrity in the selection and tracking of Cost Rental applicants. The innovative FairSelect application is designed to support the LDA’s efforts in promoting a sustainable housing market in Ireland.

CostRental, A New Housing Tenure:

CostRental is a new housing tenure established under the Affordable Housing Act 2021. It aims to offer long-term, secure rental options that contribute to the development of a sustainable housing market in Ireland, providing diverse choices across all tenures. The rent for these units is determined by the cost of building, managing, and maintaining the homes, making them more affordable for tenants.

The Land Development Agency:

The LDA is a commercial, state-sponsored body created to coordinate land within state control for optimal use, with a primary focus on housing provision. By utilising Bynaric’s FairSelect technology, the LDA is taking a significant step towards achieving its goals of providing affordable housing options to the people of Ireland.

FairSelect, Powered by Bynaric:

Established in 2019 by founder and CEO Aria Pour, Bynaric is dedicated to creating solutions that genuinely benefit people. FairSelect, powered by Bynaric, guarantees a fair, transparent, and secure selection process for Cost Rental applicants. This cutting-edge technology is instrumental in ensuring that the LDA’s CostRental Scheme runs smoothly and effectively.


The successful launch of the Land Development Agency’s first CostRental Scheme, supported by Bynaric’s FairSelect technology, demonstrates the impact of innovative solutions in the housing sector. As more organisations embrace advanced technologies, Bynaric is poised to lead the way in transforming housing management and delivering exceptional solutions that promote fairness, transparency, and integrity in the industry.