Our software solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of property providers, whether you’re a housing association, local authority, private landlord, or property management company.
Here’s how Bynaric’s software can benefit you
Our software solutions streamline property management operations, allowing property providers to manage properties at scale and improve their overall efficiency. With Bynaric’s software, you can easily manage maintenance requests, track compliance, and generate reports to make informed business decisions.
Bynaric’s self-service portals for tenants provide an easy-to-use platform for tenants to manage their accounts, pay rent, and communicate with property providers. Our lottery engines for cost rental schemes ensure fairness and transparency in the tenant selection process, improving the overall tenant experience.
With Bynaric’s software solutions, you can easily track compliance across all your properties, ensuring that your organisation meets all necessary regulations and requirements. Our software solutions simplify the compliance tracking process, saving you time and reducing the risk of penalties and fines.
Bynaric’s development app simplifies the process of developing new properties. Our software solutions help property providers to manage the entire property development lifecycle, from initial design to construction and handover. Our development app makes it easy to track project progress, manage budgets, and keep stakeholders informed.
Bynaric’s asset management solutions help property providers to manage their portfolios and make informed decisions about their properties. Our software solutions provide a comprehensive view of your assets, including maintenance history, occupancy rates, and financial performance. With Bynaric’s asset management solutions, you can easily identify underperforming properties and take steps to improve their profitability.

At Bynaric, we’re committed to providing the best software solutions for property providers. Our innovative software solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of property providers and improve overall efficiency, compliance, and tenant experiences.

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