• Project: The implementation of Bynaric’s FairSelect application for Tuath Housing Cost Rental Homes.
  • Client: Tuath Housing
  • Outcomes: Tuath Housing now has approximately 4000 applicants across 5 separate cost rental launches.

Continuous Development

We never stop improving even after we go live.

The FairSelect application has been improved month on month based on our customers’ requirements.

We use continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) to ensure the outcome is always current and up to date, resulting in enhanced customer

Approach & Implementation

We had a very collaborative approach to this project. 
Bynaric’s project management tool was used for tracking tasks, communication and reporting. 

Our Intelligent Property Solutions system was integrated with Tuath’s Office365 and WordPress website. 

Finally, to support the roll-out stage of the project, we created a go-live plan following full UAT sign-off. We then assessed the impact and risks to Tuath’s website and the capacity.

What FairSelect brought to Tuath Housing.

  1. Application Management
  2. Applicant Management
  3. The Scheme and Property Management
  4. Communication Requirements
  5. Documentation Management
  6. Lottery Engine
  7. Audit and Compliance
  8. Stats and Reporting
  9. Easy, User-friendly Interface
  10. Training